The Role of AI in Cybersecurity: Detecting and Preventing Threats


  • Prof. Kusuma Varanasi, Prof. Bhagyashri Deshmukh


Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Threat Detection, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Intrusion Detection, Malware Classification, Adversarial Attacks, Data Privacy, AI Integration.


As the digital landscape expands, the significance of robust cybersecurity measures has never been more paramount. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is emerging as a critical tool in the cybersecurity arsenal, offering unprecedented capabilities in detecting and preventing threats. This paper explores the role of AI in cybersecurity, examining its application in threat detection, prevention, and response. The study reviews current AI technologies, evaluates their effectiveness, and discusses future prospects and challenges. Our analysis reveals that AI, particularly machine learning and deep learning models, significantly enhances the ability to identify and mitigate cyber threats. However, challenges such as adversarial attacks, data privacy concerns, and integration complexities persist. Addressing these challenges is crucial for the broader adoption and success of AI in cybersecurity.




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