AI-Based Anomaly Detection for Real-Time Cybersecurity


  • Maloy Jyoti Goswami


Anomaly Detection, Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, Real-Time Monitoring, Threat Detection.


In the rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity, traditional methods of threat detection are increasingly inadequate to counter sophisticated cyber-attacks. AI-based anomaly detection offers a promising solution for real-time cybersecurity, leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms to identify deviations from normal behavior within network traffic and system operations. This approach enhances the ability to detect novel and subtle threats that traditional signature-based systems might miss. This paper explores the implementation of AI-driven anomaly detection systems, focusing on their architecture, algorithms, and effectiveness. Key components include data preprocessing, feature extraction, and the application of various machine learning techniques such as neural networks, support vector machines, and clustering algorithms. The integration of real-time data streams and the use of unsupervised learning methods allow for the detection of zero-day attacks and insider threats without prior knowledge of specific attack signatures. We present a comprehensive analysis of the strengths and limitations of AI-based anomaly detection in cybersecurity. Case studies and experimental results demonstrate its capability to identify anomalies with high precision and recall rates, significantly reducing false positives compared to traditional methods. Challenges such as the need for large datasets, computational overhead, and the risk of adversarial attacks are also discussed, along with potential mitigation strategies. The paper concludes with a discussion on future trends and directions for AI-based anomaly detection in cybersecurity. The integration of AI with other emerging technologies, such as blockchain and quantum computing, holds potential for further enhancing the robustness and effectiveness of cybersecurity measures. This research underscores the critical role of AI in developing adaptive, scalable, and intelligent cybersecurity solutions to protect against an ever-expanding array of cyber threats.




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